Prof. Miriam Erez
Prof Carmel Domshlak
Dean of the Faculty of Industrial Engineering and Management
Carmel Domshlak is a Professor at the Faculty of Industrial Engineering and Management, Technion—Israel Institute of Technology. He received his Ph.D. in Computer Science from Ben-Gurion University in 2002. During 2002–2004 he was a Research Associate in the Computer Science Department at Cornell University.
Prof. Miriam Erez
Prof Miriam Erez
Vice-Dean of MBA Programs

Miriam Erez is professor emeritus of organizational psychology and management, and vice-dean of the MBA programs at the Technion Faculty of Industrial Engineering and Management. Erez served as dean of the faculty from 1996 to 1998. She is the founder and chair of the Knowledge Center for Innovation at the Technion, and is the chairperson of the hiCenter entrepreneurial campus in Haifa. Her three main research areas are: innovation management—“the journey of the idea”; cross-cultural and global organizational behavior; and work motivation. Erez has co-authored and co-edited five books, as well as more than 100 journal papers and book chapters. She has also served as advisor to around 100 master’s students and doctoral students on their theses and dissertations.Erez received the 2002 IAAP Distinguished Scientific Award and the 2005 Israel Prize in Administrative Sciences. She is a fellow of the Academy of Management, the American Psychological Association, the Society for Industrial and Organizational Psychology, and the International Association of Applied Psychology.

She is associate editor of Journal of International Business Studies, and of the journal of Cross Cultural and Strategic Management, and she is on the consulting editors’ board of the Academy of Management Annals. Erez served as editor of Applied Psychology: An International Review and as an associate editor of the Journal of Managerial Psychology. She was on the editorial boards of numerous journals, including the Journal of Applied Psychology, The Academy of Management Journal, and the Journal of Management.

Prof. Miriam Erez
Prof Ido Erev
Vice-Dean of MBA Program
Ido Erev joined the faculty of Industrial Engineering and Management in the Technion in 1990 after completing his doctorate in psychology at the University of North Carolina. He was made full professor in 2004, and has held the Women’s Division—ATS Academic Chair since 2006. He currently serves as co vice-dean for the Technion MBA programs, the head of the Behavioral Science Area, the head of the Technion section of the Max Wertheimer Minerva Center for Cognitive Research, and the head of the Technion group at I-CORE (the Israel Center of Research Excellence) for Empirical Studies of Decision Making and the Law.His visiting positions include visiting research associate in economics at the University of Pittsburgh, Michael A. Gould Fellow at Columbia Business School, Marvin Bower Fellow at Harvard Business School, fellow at the Israel Center of Advanced Studies, visiting professor at Erasmus School of Economics, visiting professor at the Interdisciplinary Center (IDC) in Herzliya, and “research environment” professor at Warwick Business School.Erev’s basic research examines the long-term impact of economic incentives on human behavior. His results suggest that incentives are most effective when the option that maximizes expected return also minimizes the probability of regret. When this condition does not hold, experience can reduce the impact of incentives, and lead people to behave “as if” they believe that “it won’t happen to me.” The main impact of incentives can be predicted by assuming a tendency to select the options that led to the best outcomes in small set of similar situations in the past. Erev’s applied research clarifies the implications of these observations to the design of incentive structures and technologies that facilitate social welfare. One example is the demonstration of the advantage of gentle rule enforcement of safety rules.

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