The Faculty of Industrial Engineering and Management maintains partnerships with a number of universities abroad that offer international study opportunities for William Davidson MBA students.

It is the only Israeli member of Yale’s Global Network for Advanced Management, which arranges semi-annual intensive one-week courses held simultaneously at a number of university schools of management worldwide. Students from participating universities may attend these courses at any of the other universities. The network also provides distance-learning courses for students at all the schools, and maintains a pool of case studies on a variety of subjects prepared by participating schools.

To watch the GNAM week video in Israel – click here

A joint seminar in innovation and entrepreneurship is also held with the Rady School of Management at the University of California, San Diego.

Recently, the William Davidson MBA program has strengthened its links with the business administration program at the Jacobs Technion–Cornell Institute in New York, a joint venture between the Technion and Cornell University founded in 2011, which won the City of New York’s competition to create an applied sciences graduate school.

On 27-28.11.19 (14: 00-20: 30), a workshop was held with outstanding students from Finland (Alto University) who are interested in entrepreneurship. The workshop included 12 students from Finland ( and another 15 students from William Davidson MBA programs. The lecturers were Prof. Ado Arab of the Technion, and Prof. Peter Kelly of Alto.