Technion MBA program is at the forefront of its field

The Technion was established in 1925, the Faculty of Industrial Engineering and Management in 1958, and in January 2023 the faculty changed it’s name to the Faculty of Data And Decision Sciences. The graduate program in management was launched in 1977 and today, it is a prominent management training institution with unique program focus and specializations.

World Leader in Entrepreneurship and Technology Management

The program offers four specialization tracks, which allow students to deepen their knowledge and expertise in key aspects of technology business and management: Big Data and Business Intelligence Innovation and Entrepreneurship; Life Sciences MBA  and Start-Up MBA Program, which combines MBA studies with a supportive environment for establishing and developing technology ventures

Technion Ecosystem

The Technion MBA program benefits from the rich ecosystem of the Technion, with its long history and world-leading expertise in a range of science, technology, and engineering disciplines. In particular, the Faculty of Industrial Engineering and Management, which runs the MBA program, incorporates several important research centers, including the Bronica Entrepreneurship Center, the Knowledge Center for Innovation, and the Cognitive Robotics Lab, offering opportunities for MBA students to be involved in their activities.


The program faculty includes members of the Technion’s Faculty of Data and Decision Sciences , who engage in cutting-edge research in a range of management fields, including: artificial intelligence, big data, operation management, operations research, statistics and probability, economics, behavioral economics and ethics, negotiation, strategy, entrepreneurship, creativity and innovation management, emotion at work, cross-cultural and global management, marketing, and consumer behavior. In addition, the Technion MBA program faculty includes senior figures from Israeli industry, and visiting faculty from first-rate universities around the world.

Global Collaborations

The Technion MBA program maintains a network of global collaborations with leading management schools around the world:

  • GNAM – the Global Network for Advanced Management (GNAM) is managed by Yale University in the United States.
  • San Diego Immersion program – managed by U.S. – Israel center in UCSD.
  • Cornell Tech – include projects of cooperation with the SUMBA track

These partnerships offer unique opportunities for our students to develop a truly global perspective of management, innovation, and technology in business.

Students and Alumni

Students on the Technion MBA program have strong academic backgrounds, and rich and diverse professional experiences, working in technology and knowledge-driven companies. This diversity and excellence play an important role in the program, which fosters mutual learning and collaboration. Technion MBA alumni are at the forefront of innovation, entrepreneurship, and leadership in Israel’s technology and knowledge-rich industries.

MBA Alumni