How long is the program?2018-11-16T11:13:25+02:00

The program starts in October and it lasts 21 months till July the year after.

How many times a week are studies held, and when?2023-11-26T11:43:23+02:00

Studies are held twice a week, on Thursday afternoons from 2 p.m. until 10 p.m., and Friday mornings from 9 p.m. until 1 p.m.

How much does the program cost?2023-11-26T11:49:35+02:00

Tuition fees are set at 250% of the standard public university tuition fees as determined by the Council for Higher Education. 100% for each year and 50% for the summer semester.

Do I need to take the GMAT test to be accepted to the program?2017-11-06T13:27:34+02:00

Yes, with the exception of certain special cases when exemptions are given. See Requirements and  Admission Process.

Do I need to take the language component of the GMAT?2017-07-19T12:22:12+02:00

Not in order to be accepted to the program, but it is required in order to gain an exemption from the English language exam which is a requirement for every graduate student at the Technion.

Can I complete the program in less than two years?2017-07-18T12:15:33+02:00

The degree program is 21 months long; it is not possible to complete it in a shorter period than this.

Will I be required to take supplementary courses before beginning the program?2017-07-19T10:42:30+02:00


Is a background in engineering subjects required?2017-07-19T11:05:51+02:00


Does the program include studies abroad?2023-11-26T13:37:48+02:00

The Technion MBA is the only management program in Israel that is a member of Yale’s Global Network for Advanced Management (GNAM), which offers a range of elective courses abroad for students from member schools around the world. In addition, the program offers to participate the GNAM WEEK that take place in each of the universities that are members of the GNAM program, participation in the GNAM WEEK equals as one elective course.

Are exemptions available from certain subjects?2022-11-29T14:03:35+02:00


How many academic credits are needed to complete the program, and how many of these are mandatory or elective?2023-11-26T13:46:29+02:00

Attaining the degree requires the completion of 52 academic credits, of which 30 are from mandatory courses, 20 from electives and 2 from Advanced English requirement.

What tracks are available within the program?2021-06-07T16:35:05+02:00

There are four options available—a Start-Up, and three specialization tracks: Big Data and Business Intelligence, Innovation and Entrepreneurship and Life Sciences MBA. More details about the specialization tracks can be found here.

Is it possible to spread studies over a number of academic years?2017-07-19T11:00:18+02:00

It is highly recommended not to do so, since the program is very much founded on work in teams, and on an environment of mutual learning and support that develops among cohort members.

Is it possible to register for the spring semester?2017-07-19T10:58:23+02:00


What is the advantage of the Technion?2017-07-19T10:57:06+02:00

The Technion’s prestigious MBA program enjoys several unique advantages, including a focus on technology, innovation, and entrepreneurship; the Technion’s rich ecosystem of faculty and applied research centers; and a network of international partnerships with leading management institutions, including Yale’s Global Network for Advanced Management.

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