Admissions requirements:


1. Bachelor’s degree (or higher) from a recognized academic institution with GPA of at least 80.

2. Professional experience after graduation, at least two years*.

3. Two referees.

4. Graduate Management Admissions Test (GMAT) with above average score (equal or higher than 50% in the
Quantitative part) **.
The Technion code for the GMAT is 0027.

Special Exemption:

* Candidates with a GPA of 90 and above in their bachelor’s degree may request special dispensation to apply without any professional experience.

** The following candidates will be exempted from the GMAT examination:
1. Technion graduates with a GPA of at least 85.
2. Candidates with B.A., B.SC, or Master’s in engineering, exact sciences, life sciences, economics, or management, with a final grade of at least 85.
3. Candidates with a Ph.D. or M.D. qualification.

*** Candidates may submit a written request to be exempted from the GMAT examination if they fulfill at least one of the following conditions:
1. B.A. or Master’s degrees from a recognized academic institution, in any other discipline, with a final grade of at least 85.
2. At least seven years of experience in a managerial position after completing bachelor’s studies.

Language requirements:

In accordance with the requirements of the Technion Graduate School, students accepted to graduate programs must pass an examination in English in their first semester, unless they achieve a score of 85 in the literal part of GMAT or they receive an exemption from the Technion.

Further information can be obtained from the Technion Humanities Department, at 04-829-3507.

For further information regarding registration and admissions process, you can visit at the Technion Graduate School or contact us by mail  or call us to 04-829-4248.