MBA Alumni

Yelena Liman

When we began the program, we all came from different professional backgrounds, and what united us was the fact that, in our hearts and minds

  • Erez Levy

Erez Levy

Studying alongside Israel’s next generation of managers

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Barak Reiner

Joining a community of Technion graduates willing to help with any challenge

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Ziv Simchon

The Technion MBA program surrounded me with first-rate lecturers and students from a wide range of industry and business backgrounds, creating an amazing synergy between outstanding people and extensive professional experience from diverse disciplines.

Adi Paz

The MBA program is an important tool in the toolkit that I have built during my business life. The array of connections that I have created and the amazing people that I have met are real assets. The ability to stop before doing, to think of various ways of problems’ solutions are among the valuable tools that I have acquired in the program. It's not necessarily the big things but even the small things like making important presentations, that lead me to re-read the notes of the communications course.