Our Mentors

Yoav Hochberg

Formet Intel Israel VP and Intel Capital President.

Shai Haim

Experienced entrepreneur and early stage investor, he leads the Bronica Entrepreneurship Center.

Uzi de Haan

Founder of Philips Israel, Bronica Entrepreneurship Center and the Technion-Cornell Initiative.

Dr. Ze’ev Ganor

A successful entrepreneur, founder of 11 startups and 38 years of experience.

Oded Agam

Successful high-tech executive and investor, co-founder of NextLeap Ventures.

Ariela Avni

Computer Engineer with an impressive management track record in high tech companies.

David Eshed

Successful executive with a 25 years of business experience in software companies.

Iris Lewin

Over 22 years of managerial and technical experience in biotech companies.

Judith Gal

Business manager and strategist, with experience in international market and biotech.

Moshe Vanun

Successful  high – tech  executive with 28 years of experience in various senior positions ( Sales, Marketing and Biz Development )  at both Intel and Microsoft.

Yoav Medan