Dr. Ze’ev Ganor is a serial entrepreneur with 11 start-ups and over 38 years experience in senior management, R&D, international marketing & sales, and business development. In his entrepreneurial endeavors, Ze’ev has held various positions such as Chairman, CEO, Vice President, and a Board member in the fields of video processing & pattern recognition, telecommunication, therapeutics, medical devices, ultrasonic precision motors, semiconductor equipment, automaton, robotics, medical imaging equipment, and computers. Previously he was in charge of system engineering and integration of a navigation and weapons delivery system for combat airplanes. Ze’ev has authored several text books in electronics and computer science, as well as over 30 patents’ families in the fields of telecommunications, medical devices, precision motion systems, laser control, ultrasonic motors, textile machines, hard disks drives, cameras, and medical imaging systems. Ze’ev holds a B.Sc. in Electronic Engineering from the Technion, Israel’s premier technology-focused university, an MBA from Manchester University (UK), and a PhD in Business Administration (Entrepreneurship) from Anglia Ruskin University (UK). Currently he is an Active Chairman and Co-Founder at Videocites ID Ltd, a startup in the field of video-by-video searching. Dr. Ze’ev Ganor is also an Entrepreneurship Researcher, and an Adjunct Senior Teaching Fellow (teaching Entrepreneurship) at the Technion.