Do you dream of launching a business, but don’t know how to get it off the ground? Would you like support for your company from the get go?
If your answer to both these questions is an enthusiastic “yes,” keep reading.

The Azrieli Startup MBA track is for students who are interested in developing a technological venture. The main goal of the program is to provide the students with management tools and an understanding of the processes involved in launching a startup company, and to help them develop entrepreneurial ways of thinking and problem-solving capabilities.

The program serves as an incubator for developing deep technologies and implementing them in businesses. Every student is assigned an academic tutor and a business mentor.

Studies are held on Thursday afternoons and Friday mornings; on other days of the week, students work on developing their ventures.

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The Start-Up MBA is a two-year program that offers:

  1. Supportive network of world-class scientists and engineers
  2. Mentoring from businesspeople with extensive global experience
  3. Professional assistance from finance experts, patent lawyers, etc.
  4. In-depth studies toward an MBA degree
  5. Possibilities for tuition scholarships and living stipends

Technion MBA program comprises a total of 50 academic credits.

  • 30 credits from mandatory core courses including 11 core courses of 2 credits each, a management game simulation carrying 3 credits, and a project carrying 5 credits.
  • 20 credits from elective courses with 10 courses of 2 credits each.

Students on the Startup MBA track complete the 30 academic credits from mandatory core courses, in which the required project will focus on developing their startup enterprise. Of the 20 credits from elective courses, at least four courses will be taken from a selection offered for this track.

The program is offered in Hebrew, although some lectures may be taught in English in the case of visiting faculty from abroad.

We are looking for people with a passion for applying research to real-world needs, an innate entrepreneurial drive and spirit, and the willingness to be flexible and embrace uncertain. We also evaluate candidates based on their ability to work well on a team and communicate effectively, we will consider:

  • High-performing PhD graduates who are passionate about the broader application of their technological expertise.
  • Graduates with a master’s degree in technology, engineering, or the exact sciences, or with an MD qualification

Entrepreneurs with a bachelor’s degree who are developing an idea for a start-up or working in start-up companies

Submit the required documents (please attach: CV, Opportunity Statement, Intent Letter)

Students at Library

Admission Process

Apply to MBA program and then provide the three following documents:

1. Curriculum Vitae with two references

2. Opportunity Statement 
- in three pages or less, answer the following questions:

  1. What is the problem that you would like to solve?
 Why is it important?
  2. How do you suggest to solve it?
  3. Can you estimate the size of the market for the product you plan to develop?
  4. Are you aware of companies working on the same or similar problems? Why they cannot answer the needs?
  5. Which faculty experts and Technion resources would help you address the problem?
  6. How can a working prototype be developed within a timeframe of one to two years?
 and what possible challenges may arise?

3. Intent Letter
 – in two pages or less describe your background, including the following:

  • The passion and vision you have for applying your research/idea in an entrepreneurial setting
  • A description of at least one problem or situation that you have approached in an entrepreneurial way in the past
  • An explanation of why you are applying to the Startup MBA rather than looking for a job in industry, applying to another accelerator or incubator, or starting on your own
Startup-MBA Class

Application Evaluation

Technion faculty play an important role in the admissions process. We are searching for entrepreneurs with expertise similar to their own, who they can successfully mentor. If there’s a potential match, Technion MBA Startup program directors, faculty, and current students will interview the candidates.