Here is some statistics on the students engagement in GNAM:

  1. 47% of students matriculating in our programs in 2019 say that GNAM is a differentiator; this is up from 32% in 2016.
  2. GNWs:  9900 students have participated to date; we’ll pass 10,000 next time.
  3. GVTs:  2986 students have participated in GVT; we’ll pass 3,000 next time.
  4. SNOCs:  together we are offering a 67 courses in the 2020-21 academic year, up from 8 courses in 2017-18 (and from 15 courses in 2019-20).
  5. Member schools have identified 200 executive education programs that we can market.
  6. GNP:  380 entries about faculty research to date; we’ll pass 400 soon.
  7. Our Undergraduate Initiative will begin programs in 2021-22.

For more information, please check The Global Network For Advances Management site: