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Useful Information - Business Ethics

Maala Index for Social Responsibility

In February 2005 the Israeli stock exchange, together with Maala launched a new Social Responsibility Index – the Maala Index. The Index contains the stocks of the leading 20 public Israeli companies in the Maala ranking subjected to additional criteria of the stock exchange.

For background on the Index, click here. For the detailed Index, click here.

Searchlight on Organizational Ethics

    November 2004

Ethical Considerations in Strategic Business Planning

A word to future business managers:

Position of power carry complicated responsibilities. On some occasions ,these responsibilities conflict each other. At other times they conflict with a manager's personal values. All of these responsibilities, personal and professional, have strong claims, but often there is no way for the manager to meet every claim. These are not the issues of right and wrong that we learn about as children. they are conflicts of right versus right."
Badaracco, J.L. (1997). Defining Moments: When Managers Must Choose Between Right and Right. Cambridge, Mass. Harvard Business School Press .p 4.


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